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Dr Wallach's King Kong Cardio Pak™ - More Details

King Kong Cardio Pack

 The King Kong Cardio Pack combines several top selling Youngevity® products created to support a healthy body.

A healthy cardiovascular system is imperative as heart disease is the number one cause of death in America!

Both men and women are afflicted and we feel it is important to supply these focused nutrients to your body.

The King Kong Cardio Pack contains 2 Ultimate Classic®,
1 Ultimate Daily®, 2 Ultimate E.F.A.™ and 2 Ultimate Cardio fx™!


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Item #: 20683
Developed for nutritional supplementation of the cardiovascular system.

Great for anyone with Cardio Concerns

Nutrients in all of these categories are essential to a healthy cardiovascular system and this package makes it convenient to get them all in one simple and economical supplement program.

This ultimate formulation is so complete and convenient it contains a full nutritional supply of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and antioxidants the body needs. This formula helps build a healthy body..

King Kong Kardio Pak
13201 -  Ultimate Classic

13203 - ME Minerals

21831 - Ultimate Daily Tablets

20641 - Ultimate EFA - Soft Gels

20681 - Ultimate OPC-T Capsules

20683 - Ultimate CardioFX Capsules

King Kong Cardio Pack

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