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Filly Pack

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Dr Wallach's Filly Pack


 Bottle of Majestic Earth ULTIMATE

 Majestic Earth TM ULTIMATE is so loaded with up to 77 minerals and other nutrients such as vitamins, amino acids, bioflavonoid, and grape see extract. 32 oz

1 Bottle of Majestic Earth Herbal Rainforest
A liquid concentrate of full strength Majestic Earth TM plant-derived minerals with an assortment of 16 popular herbs. Youngevity's Answer to Botanical Balance. Contains herbs like Angelica, Gingko Biloba, Ginseng, Echinacea, and more.  32 oz
Dr Wallach Everyone should have a minimum of one product in the Multi- Vitamin Mineral Group and another in the Essential Fatty Acid Group.
1 Bottle of Ultimate Daily
The Ultimate in convenience! An ideal all-around multivitamin / mineral supplement especially for traveling if the quart-size bottles are not an option. This broad spectrum of ingredients will enhance the circulatory system and fuel your body.
180 Tablets.

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Turn that old mare into a Filly!

1 Bottle of Invision TM  Cream
A triple action formula containing 75 Colloidal Minerals, along with Vitamins A, , and D. It is absorbed by the skin and taken up by the fatty layer beneath. It is then transferred into the bloodstream, where it circulates and stores throughout the body. One ounce contains 1000mg of progesterone, 1000 mg of wild yam and MSM.

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