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Slender Fx™ is a proprietary blend of polysaccharides, esterified fatty acids and minerals designed to target fat loss in the mid-section of the body.



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Slender Fx™ is an easy way to achieve short term and continuous "middle" management success when combined with exercise and a healthy diet for the optimal benefit of better health.

* Effective body trimming which improves body composition    percentages
* Patented composition

120 Capsules

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For Immediate Release
June 26, 2006

Youngevity® Announces the Launch of Slender Fx™,
A Groundbreaking Addition to the Dietary Supplement Market

SAN DIEGO, CA– International Nutritional Products Company Youngevity® announced today the addition of Slender Fx™, a scientifically formulated all-natural weight management supplement, to the company’s pre-existing line of nutritional supplements and cutting-edge personal care and wellness lifestyle products.

Slender Fx™ contains a highly bioavailable proprietary blend of viscous polysaccharides, shown in test studies to reduce plasma leptin, which regulates the storage of body fat. In conjunction with a reduced calorie diet and a committed exercise regimen, Slender Fx™ works to support the body’s fat burning capacity while providing increased energy potential.

The Centers for Disease Control reports that 65 percent of Americans are overweight with estimates documenting one in four as obese. In 1960-62, the average man weighed 166.3 pounds; by 1999-2002, that average had escalated to 191 pounds, with the average woman's weight jumping from 140.2 pounds to 164.3 pounds. Moreover, while 85 percent of Americans say physical activity is pertinent to good health, only 26 percent participate in rigorous activity for at least 30 minutes each day.

“Slender Fx™ is a significant addition to our product line and could make a substantial difference to a person’s lifestyle,” said Steve Wallach, President of Youngevity®. “We are very excited to introduce an instrumental component to the dietary supplement market that supports healthful and safe fat loss for the long term when combined with a balanced diet and committed exercise routine.”


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