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Chocolate Caramel Lovers Dream Diet
Simple. Convenient. Slimming.

Youngevity has a simple, convenient, sliming way to lose weight while curbing appetite for as little as a cup of coffee a day. One delicious Chocolate Chew 15-20 minutes before each meal will help your stomach tell your brain you're full. Click on the article link from Dr. Mark Pedersen, N.D., our lead scientist, on this 21st century breakthrough for complete details.

 No calorie counting ! Eat less because you feel satisfied No pills, no powders, no worries Safe. Clinically proven in 3-year study Enhances energy No rebound yo-yo effect Average weight loss - 11 lbs. in 45 days

What It Does
The key to long-term weight loss is lower caloric intake, which this product helps to accomplish, as well as a sensible diet and regular exercise.

45.00 Servings
per Bottle