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Women's Fx 32oz #13215  Many nutritionists recognize the important role that vitamins and minerals play in the adult years of women, especially for those experiencing mid-life changes due to menopause. Printable supplement facts for this product

Women's fx™ is a proprietary formulation that combines the potent nutrients of pomegranate concentrate and blueberry concentrate with the herbal benefits of black cohosh, green tea extract, soy isoflavones and wild yam.

Women’s Fx™ with Black Cohosh is specially formulated to support women’s well-being and health concerns during the transition through menopause, especially mild mood changes, cramps, and edema associated with the menstrual cycle. This antioxidant-rich formula features potent phytonutrients from black cohosh, green tea, soy isoflavones, wild yam, and more!

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KID'S TODDY 32oz #81150

Children between the ages of 2-12 develop rapidly, and need all of the proper nutrients to support their continuing development.

Proper vitamin and mineral supplementation is critical for children for a number of reasons. Bone and tissue development, mental readiness, even emotional stability can be factors to consider.
Kid's Toddy provides your growing child with a full spectrum of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids and phytonutrients. Specifically formulated for children ages 2-12. Kid's Toddy provides the essential nutrients to support their development.

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Osteo fx
You get more than 100% of your Daily Calcium (RDA) from  one ounce of  OsteoCal. Goes  with  NaturesWhey shake. (one Month Supply)

Dr. Wallach's Majestic Earth "Osteo fx Plus™" is formulated to support healthy bones and joints, Osteo fx Plus™ meets the U.S. daily requirements for people over age 50 with 1,200 mg of calcium, and contains the co-factors necessary to help your body better absorb and retain calcium.

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Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic
         Rebound Fx Fluid Replacement- 32oz.

This high energy sports drink gives you quick sustained energy, indulge in the luscious taste of Melon Madness and Tropical Tirade. Rebound Fx (tm) is more than just a drink...its absolute performance.

add: $34.50 Wholesale $57.50 Retail

add: $132.00 Wholesale Case of 4 /$230 Retail

add: $22.00 Tropical Tirade Samples 15 in a case

Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic

Majestic Earth Minerals 32oz(one Month Supply)

Dr Wallach's 77 Plant Derived Minerals Goes well with Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic,

add: $18 Wholesale $26 Retail

add: $72.00 Wholesale Case of 4 /$104 Retail

Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic

Majestic Earth Cheri-Min Samples 1oz-50 ct. travel sizes

Dr Wallach's 77 Plant Derived Minerals Cherry Samples

add: $30 Wholesale $42 Retail 50 1oz Samples Cheri-Min

Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic

Majestic Earth Herbal Rainforest 32oz(one Month Supply)

Each bottle contains full strength Majestic Earth Plant Derived Minerals along with 16 herbs to balance your everyday needs.

add: $25.75 Wholesale $36 Retail   

Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic

Majestic Earth OxyBody Cherry Berry

Majestic Earth Oxy Products are oxygen saturated nutritional products that are utilized by those who understand the benefits of Aloe Vera and additional oxygen

add: $27.00 Wholesale $36 Retail  

Majestic Earth Colloidal Silver 4oz

Majestic Earth Colloidal Silver 4oz

This product has been laboratory tested confirming 50 parts per million of pure colloidal silver with an average particle size of .0001 Micron.

add: $22.70 Wholesale $33.50 Retail   4 to a case

Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic

Majestic Earth Noni Juice 32oz

Dr. Wallach's Majestic Earth Noni Goose Juice is a blend of more than 70 organic plant derived liquid minerals and Polynesian Noni, Chinese Tea, and a proprietary blend of Tropical Fruit Extract.

add: $34.50 Wholesale $44.50 Retail    4 to a case



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