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Ultimate Resolution #21261

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Weight Control battle? Tired of Losing the Dieting game? Obesity a problem?weight reduction
If so it's time to try Ultimate Resolution.

Dr Wallach is pleased to announce the Availability of our
new and exciting weight reduction capsule Ultimate Resolution.

There is a battle being fought in millions of homes across America. It's a battle against the bulge. Nows, there's a better way to fight it.

 Youngevity's® Ultimate Resolution™ is an essential tool for managing body fat. Its two main ingredients are pyruvate and chitosan. Chitosan is a natural fiber. Ultimate Resolution™ capsules are a must have for anyone interested in weight management.

How does it work? Ultimate Resolution contains two key ingredients that help manage body fat. They are chitosan and pyruvate.

 Pyruvate is a by-product of human metabolism. Small amounts of pyruvate can be found in certain fruits and vegetable we eat. Two potential mechanisms by which pyruvate enhances both fat and weight loss are through increasing metabolism and utilization.

 Animal studies have shown that pyruvate increases resting metabolic rate and fat utilization. Preliminary data indicates that pyruvate may increase fat utilization in humans. Researchers such as Dr. Greenway, an endocrinologist at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge Louisiana focuses on the effects of nutrition in obesity. Greenway states that "pyruvate is a normal constituent of human metabolism, so its safely should be high."

Chitosan is the other key ingredient in Ultimate Resolution. It is described by some as the "fiber of the future". Chitosan is a fiber composed of chittin, which is a component of the shell of shellfish. Scientists in Norway have processed chittin to provide a magnetic binding compound within the digestive tract. This in turn helps the body to synthesize fat.

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  • Suggestive usage: Take one to three Capsules 20 Minutes before meals.

    UltimateResolution #21261 90 Capsules                 

    Replaced By Projoba Slim: PJ204

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    For effective weight loss your diet program should include the following:

    • Drink 8-10 eight ounce glasses of water a day.

    • Take a vitamin/mineral supplement daily. Majestic Earth Ultimate or Majestic Earth Sports Plus, along with Majestic EarthColloidal Minerals.

    • Take one or two capsules of Ultimate EFA, our exclusive formulation of essential oils & acids, after each meal.

    • As you lose weight, it will be easier to exercise, and you should get 20-30 minutes of light aerobic exercise a day.
      Thus you can be trim, slim, slender using this fat burner-fat absorbing product.

    It is always recommended that you consult your health-care professional before starting on any weight-loss program.

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